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6 Benefits of Using Clean, Dry Compressed Air and Systems

It is vital for you to use clean and dry compressed air systems in your company. Dry compressed air systems protect all your machinery which you would have used a lot of money to maintain, design and install if there was moisture in the compressed air systems. When you reduce the downtime of your machinery, you will have increased throughput. Also when you use air brake drain valve to remove moisture to get clean, dry compressed air you will have reduced the plant operating costs. Below we will discuss some of the benefits you will get by using clean, dry compressed air.

  • It can be stored easily

It is simple for you to store dry compressed air in built tanks designed especially for this purpose. If you have a storage tank which is combined into an air-filled network, the compressor can work only when the pressure reduces down to a precarious level. And because the tank always has pressure, the labour cycle can still be finalized even if there is power shortage.

  • It’s clean and dry

In case the lines you are using are damaged the compressed air will not leave any defect or leave drops of oil behind. Cleanliness is an essential factor in many industries such as textiles, food and leather.

  • It is safe to use

Compressed air works well even when there are significant temperature changes and when the temperatures are high. Compressed air can also be used in places where the temperatures are extremely high such as for operating blast furnace doors and running forge presses. Pneumatic devices like air brake drain valve and lines which are not tight are not a threat to the safety and ease of service to the system. Components and pneumatic devices wear out very slowly. Hence they have a long life span and reduced failure rate.

  • It’s accident-free

Pneumatic air systems are safe when it comes to explosions, fire and electrical accidents. Compressed air systems can be operated without having to use expensive and large safety apparatus even in places where there is high risk of fire, places prone to explosions and harsh weather conditions. You can use the equipment’s for dry compressed air in outdoor or in damp areas and without having to worry about occurrence of accidents.

  • It’s simple

Compressed air systems have a simple, and it’s also easy to operate it. Due to this reason, it Is quite robust, and it’s not prone to malfunctioning. Pneumatic systems are easy to install, and they can be reused another time without any problems. The period taken to install the system is short because the design is simple. The fitters also don’t need costly or specialised training.

  • They are rational and economical

Pneumatic systems are inexpensive as compared to muscle power. This is a key point, especially in automation and mechanisation. Pneumatic equipment is also cheaper than hydraulic equipment’s.

A well-designed and straightforward compressed air system will ensure that the compressed air treatment will be through before the air enters into the distribution system. In most cases, compressed air systems are used in different areas in one factory. Hence ensuring that the compressed air is dry will be economical and ensure that the compressed systems are protected at all times.

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