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Armored Vehicles; Different Types and How They Work

In reality, there are different types of armored vehicles suited for different purposes. But when the name ‘armored car’ comes up, what a lot of people picture is the big box of meta with wheels that drops off money at local ATM depots or in extreme ignorant cases, an armored tank. So, for your information, there are armored vehicles on the roads and in your neighborhoods that are disguised as normal vehicles.

There are SUVs and military vehicles keeping folks protected as they are being transported. Basically, armored vehicles are divided into four different types. In this article, I am going to be showing you some things you probably don’t know about these elegant, strong vehicles.

They are of four types

#1: Sedans

You know them as SUVs, and they are your personal protection vehicles. Sedans function to offer you both luxury and protection with little or no difference on the outside to normal unarmored SUVs. The most popular of this type is the Chevrolet Suburban protection model and the Troy Armoring sedans that offer a normal day-to-day use but are highly specialized, only those you inform will be aware of the fact that it is bulletproof.

This type of armored vehicle provides that comfort that you’re familiar with but couples it with security that cannot be compared to.

#2: Cash in transit armored vehicles

Like everyday trucks, but bulletproof, are the bullion vans designed for transporting valuables – usually cash. The success of businesses involved in the transportation of valuables depends on the successful arrival of vehicles and their content intact. Since they are prone to regular attacks, they are armored but not very heavily, only against regular handguns and not very high-level theft.

#3: Police/SWAT field vehicles

In a way, these vehicles resemble the cash in transit trucks, but they are built with more armor and for more wearisome situations. Thoroughly armored and weaponized, used during emergencies by the police. They are specially built for the police department. They are heavily weighted and can withstand a massive hit.

#4: Military

The most expensive of all armored vehicles built is no surprise the military vehicles. They could be as expensive as a million dollar per vehicle! These vehicles are the most heavily armored and weaponized, and they guarantee a very high level of security.

Armored vehicles are not built by all car manufacturers, in fact, only a few of them do, and they usually require a specialist for armoring. The caliber of people that purchase these vehicles ranges from Government officials, influential and affluential individual to ordinary wealthy people.

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