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 How to Use Little Tree Car Air Fresheners  

Cigarette smoke, food, clothes — all of these can leave an unwanted stench in your vehicle. Given the hectic lives that we live, it can be difficult finding time to clean your car and keep it smelling great. One fast solution that millions of people use is a car air freshener. Whether it’s a spray or something you leave in your vents or over your rearview mirror, these fresheners are a simple, easy to use way to keep your car smelling its best. However, if you don’t use these air fresheners as directed, you might not get the best results possible. If you’ve been using vehicle air fresheners for quite some time, chances are that you’ve used the Little Tree brand. In this post, we’ll talk about how to use Little Tree car air fresheners properly in order to keep your vehicle odor-free.

Step One — Buy Your Air Freshener

You can find Little Tree air fresheners at any auto part store and sometimes even at gas stations and grocery stores. They usually cost only a few dollars and they even sell value packs of six or more.

Step Two — Place Your Little Tree

Typically, the paper air fresheners from Little Tree are designed to be placed around your rearview mirror. You might think that you can place them anywhere in your vehicle, but the brand recommends allowing your air freshener to not come in contact with any other surfaces.

Step Three — Don’t Open the Whole Package!

Opening your Little Tree air freshener is the most important step in the whole process. Given the very strong odor of these air fresheners, it’s important to only open the top of the package right at the tip of the tree. This will periodically release the strong, beautiful-smelling fragrance into your vehicle. If you take the Little Tree outside of the package completely, the fragrance might be overpowering, it won’t last as long, and you’ll be buying your next Little Tree sooner than you think.

Step Four — Slightly Expose the Little Tree Each Week

Each week that passes, open your Little Tree package more and more to release more of its strong potency. However, it’s important to not open the package too much. It’s recommended to slide the plastic down on your Little Tree package about a few centimeters each week. After a few months, or sooner depending on the odor of your vehicle, the plastic should be removed completely.

We Can Keep Your Car Fresh and Odor-Free!

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