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Palmer Administration: Industry Leader In Extended Auto Insurance Plans

Anyone who has owned a vehicle knows how stressful unexpected vehicle repairs can be. Not only can they be extremely expensive, they can leave you without your trusted vehicle and disrupt your daily routine. People rely on their vehicles to get them to work and transport their loved ones around, so any amount of time it is in the repair shop can be stressful and inconvenient. Palmer Administration has helped set the industry standard in auto-protection plans. Palmer has a number of coverage plans available to suit every driver, vehicle, and budget. The Palmer Administration team has made a name for themselves based on customer support, long-term relationships, and flexibility.

Why Palmer?

Palmer Administration is known as the most reliable provider of auto-protection plans in the industry. Their wide range of coverage plans are fully customizable to reflect the client’s driving habits, vehicle type, and budget. Palmer’s top priority is customer service. They strive to cement positive long-term client relationships that will bring them the peace of mind of knowing that should their vehicle need an unexpected repair, it will not leave them out of pocket and will be processed as efficiently as possible.

Palmer has a number of flexible payment options in place, one of the simplest claims processes around, knowledgeable and helpful customer support, a modern collection-management system, is fully protected with A-rated insurance, and has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Palmer Administration is unique as they are the only warranty company that handles their own financing. They regard financing as a service provided to their clients, and through Palmer, you can save money annually, rather than using a third-party financier.

Many clients describe dealing with Palmer as a one-stop shopping experience; customer information, claims processing, and customer service are all handled in one place.

Palmer Administration are known for having the best variety of coverage plans in the industry. Their plans are designed around peace of mind and customizability. There is a coverage plan for every type of driver, vehicle, and budget: Elite Exclusionary, Royal Select, Premier, Classic, Powertrain, and Basic.

Elite Exclusionary Plan

The Elite Exclusionary plan provides vehicle coverage on everything except for basic maintenance and wear-and-tear items like light bulbs, paint, and upholstery.

Royal Select Plan

The Royal Select plan is the most extensive coverage of listed parts available. It provides coverage on all major components and is the recommended coverage plan for newer vehicles.

Premier Plan

The Premier plan is an extensive full-coverage policy that covers vehicle components most likely in need of repairs.

Classic Plan

The Classic plan is an all-inclusive extensive-coverage plan. It gives clients peace of mind by protecting against the most expensive repair bills associated with common repairs.

Powertrain Plan

The Powertrain plan provides the most comprehensive level of protection for the most costly repairs. This plan is recommended for those planning on keeping their vehicle for longer periods of time.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan coverage includes your vehicle’s most important component: the engine. This type of coverage is ideal for older vehicles as it guards against the most costly repairs.

Owning a vehicle brings freedom, but with it comes the responsibility of having to maintain that vehicle. Unexpected repairs can be extremely stressful, especially when they turn out to be costly and take your vehicle off the road for long periods of time. Palmer Administration have been in the business of providing their clients with peace of mind through their extensive auto-coverage plans for almost 30 years; in that time, they have built up a solid reputation based on customer service, flexibility, and customizability.

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